Unique Reclaimed Wood Countertops

Unique Wood Countertops

Reclaimed or live edge wood countertops will bring organic beauty and usefulness to numerous areas of the room. purchasers square measure invariably keen about ideas that depart from the norm–they love the outstanding, the exceptional, the extraordinary. they require style parts that proclaim their distinctive individualism. rescued wood countertops or live edge wood countertops will just do that.

Natural Wood

Natural wood countertops give a country charm and luxury to the house. A wood block brings the ambiance of the forest into the house. Distressed wood tells a story. Clearly not the $64000 history (unless you recognize wherever it came from), however the one you imagine that adds romance to the space. The naturally aged look offsets the essentially squeaky-clean atmosphere.

Reclaimed Wood Countertops

Reclaimed wood countertops produce a beautiful impression of rustic beauty. Plus, it’s not carted off to the lowland website. Rustic, rescued wood countertops square measure accessible in several designs and colours and are available from a spread of sources.

Old buildings looking renovations or demolition square measure common sources for rescued wood slabs. Wood with its insect scars, disintegrated knots, and nail holes, tend to be the foremost fascinating. with the exception of being inexperienced, rescued wood is sturdy, and if properly cared for, can last another hundred years about.

The most common rescued wood comes within the sort of the pine and oak. In previous centuries; homes, farms, and factories wide used pine and oak for construction. within the days once giant hardwood trees lined the land, planks of solid oak typically two-inches thick were the most affordable artefact of alternative. Oak, elm, and maple were common materials employed in works floors, barns, and animal shelters.


Another fascinating supply is that the “sinkers”. These were the logs accustomed transport cut trees. within the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, it had been a typical thanks to transport to lumber mills. They used these logs to float them down the stream to the mill. Some logs became lost on the method after they became snagged or stopped by rocks and stream weed. rescued “sinkers” square measure typically abundant larger than trees harvested nowadays. The “sinkers” typically over six-foot diameter trunks square measure of nice price to specialised woodworkers.